International Investment Arbitration and Principle of State Consent: A Case for Derogation?

Introduction[1] The principle of state consent is one of the well-established principles in international dispute settlement. Respecting this principle ensures an award’s acceptance and proper implementation by the parties. However, on some occasions, a derogation of this principle has been made to expand the jurisdiction by the investment arbitral tribunals as the primary focus ofContinue reading “International Investment Arbitration and Principle of State Consent: A Case for Derogation?”

Cultural Differences in Negotiation

The Compliment is of the unique aspects of Iranian culture without having any similar example in western cultures. First, this unrecognized nature of the concept caused misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the occasions in which these actions occur. Moreover, it is crucial to consider the possible impacts- whether constructive or destructive- they might have in negotiations specifically. This paper addresses both of these issues. Finally, it concludes that besides the positive impacts, its unfamiliarity would significantly impact the negotiation.