hetGalenstraat legal

is a short-form international law blog aimed at filling the void between high-level academia and practitioners to informed and interested individuals seeking an accessible and comprehensive understanding of contemporary international law.

the blog was founded in 2020 by University of Amsterdam International Law graduates. they come from the UK, Iran, Germany and South Africa and welcome submissions from those interested in showcasing their legal talent.

it is our intention to build an extensive and diverse collection of posts and contributors to hetGalenstraat legal in the short-term. by allowing an open submission policy we aim to facilitate creative writing and legally astute thinking, whilst towing no political line as an organisation. all submissions will be fact-checked as much as possible to secure accuracy.

each author of a post on hetGalenstraat Legal will decide whether to permit comments, and we intend to welcome comments challenging opinions or interpretations. abuse and defamatory comments or hate speech will not be tolerated.

the site is not intended to convey legal advice. all contributors post in their private individual capacity. Their opinions do not reflect an official opinion of hetGalenstraat Legal.

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